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Video Games Are My Obsession!


Oh how I love my games!  I am a 34 year old mother who can’t find enough time to play all of my systems.  I have been playing since the 70’s when I was a kid.  I remember Pong when it first came out, boy THAT was something.  I think I first played an Atari 2600, then Atari 7600, Intellivision, Colecovision,  - all of these were friends’ systems.  Don’t forget the arcade games at the roller rink (Asteroids, Defender, & a few more) & Pizza Hut (they had Centipede and the PacMan table – woohoo!).  Then Dad decided to get into the computer world & bought our first computer, the Commodore VIC 20.  Oh, how fondly I remember helping him set it up and hearing him tell me about learning to program being the future.  I collected code from magazines, all the code I could find – to make games!  I wasn’t the fastest typist then and quickly got frustrated at all the one-fingered-hen-pecking.  Then came the cartridges & tapes of games.  {sigh}  I was completely helpless as I was sucked into the world of video games.


My family upgraded soon after to {drumroll} an IBM PCjr.  You shoulda seen the 4 beautiful colors the monitor produced! {sniff sniff}  And those big bendable disks (don’t forget to hole punch the other side to get the double sided effect)!  Ooh & then came our modem!  300 baud!!  Information flew back & forth at the speed of grass growing!  (Wish you coulda been there!)  Information highway, I’m on my way!  Zork, Hitchikers Guide, Kings Quest & Ultima soon became my fast friends.


Well, I lugged my jr to my first year college where I promptly discovered the power of credit & bought my very own first game system – the NES.  Man, it was great!  Wake up – play.  Come back from class – play.  Eat – play.  Drink – well….  I bought Zelda 1 and 2 brand new first.  I kept all the boxes, manuals, maps, warnings, magazine ads, posters, Styrofoam inserts, black sleeves, even the outer plastic wrapping.  All was pristine.  Until.  My first husband.  He upgraded my computer to a 386 (Heretic & Hexen ruled my world then), gave me an SNES & convinced me I didn’t need my old outdated NES anymore.  I gave it to my prior boyfriend who introduced me to the arcade (Double Dragon – I was unbeatable), his brother’s NES and gave me a Sega Genesis for that Christmas.  Toe Jam & Earl was about to get worn out!  I bought my first Final Fantasy – Mystic Quest for my new SNES.  “Should I play Zelda or FF today?”  Hmm, tough choice…. 


I had those two systems, the SNES & Genesis, for the longest time before upgrading.  At this point I had said goodbye to the first husband & am currently living happily with my second.  He’s the one that bought me my Pentium computer, PS2, XBOX, GameCube, N64, NES (again), Sega Pico (for our daughter, um, sure), DreamCast, Atari 2600 (& Sears version), TRS-80, Gameboy Advance & lastly Gameboy Advance SP.  Whew!  Who says diamonds are a girls’ best friend?  HA!  Flowers?  Pshah!  Gimme a video game any day!  The more RPG’s the better!


My video game library sees constant additions.  RPG’s are my all time fav.  I love adventure games & action/adventure games are great!  My biggest criteria for buying a game is cutesy, fantasy & cartoony.  Love medieval kind of RPG’s & magic stuff.  Sims & puzzles come next in line as long as they meet “The Criteria”.  An occasional horror or FPS is ok.  Can’t stand sports or war.  “It’s a girl thing.”  


I’m anxiously awaiting the new DS & next generations from Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo.  Gotta have more……


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