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Daytona Beach, Florida!!!!


Wouldn't you like to get away from it all for just one week? Leave your cares behind & run away? Daytona is the perfect place to play or just relax! Stay on the beach & soak up some warm rays or splash in the cool refreshing Atlantic Ocean! Go play at one of *three* of Walt Disney World's parks. Visit Universal studios, Sea World, or Annheiser Bush Garden's animal reserve & fun park! Be a part of history watching the world famous Daytona 500! Feast & dine with a King at Medieval Times? Now, who wouldn't enjoy at least one of these options? Wouldn't you like to say "I've done that!" at your next family or school reunion? Think of the memories you'll make! Imagine the stories to tell! You can have *all* of this for one week *every* year - indefinitely! WOW! You can pass this on to your children & grandchildren! Let them enjoy it and pass it down to *their* children!

My husband, daughter & I are offerring you a place to get away from it all or "get into all of it"! We own property at the Americano Beach Resort in Daytona Beach, Florida. It's a grand one bedroom *suite* that sleeps 2 couples or up to 6 people. Included are some outstanding benefits like your very own kitchen for those meals where you want to stay in or just have a snack! Invite a few friends & have a small party! What a great place to have a safe Spring Break! Extra large swimming pool, jacuzzi, game room, daily planned activities, baby sitting services, and MUCH MORE! You get all this plus added perks/bonuses! Extra weeks, discounted stays at other Interval International Resorts around the WORLD, discounted car rentals, savings on restaurants.... What more could you ask for?

Then why are we selling such a great getaway? We've lived in Florida 7 years now and are getting ready to leave. My husband's work doesn't allow for a consecutive 7 day leave, which doesn't give us the opportunity to benefit from this deal. We've also seen our share of Florida attractions & just don't feel we'll continue to reap the benefits entirely. We own the deed outright, so you won't be taking over our "payments". We're asking $7,200, negotiable.

If you're *seriously* interested in purchasing the deed to our property at Daytona Beach, Florida, please email me at for more information.

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