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Parker Brothers Nerfuls

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All are loose & single (without *any* accessories or other parts) unless otherwise stated.

Nerfuls Figures & Playsets

Toy Description/Condition Price Status
Bart Ball **None at the Moment**    
Betty Ball **None at the Moment**    
Bitsy Ball Set #1 - Hair & Body ONLY. PB version. NOT Burger King. Both in excellent condition. $3.00  
Budd Ball **None at the Moment**    
Captain Nerfuls **None at the Moment**    
Fetch Set #1 - Body ONLY. PB version. NOT Burger King. Very good condition with a few paint rubs to bone. $1.50  
Frankie **None at the Moment**    
Katie **None at the Moment**    
Officer Bob Set #1 - Hat ONLY. Looks like a *very* slight smokers, yellowish, overall tint. A couple of tiny, pin head marks on top. Overall good to very good condition. $1.00  
Scratch Set #1 - Complete with Ears, Head & Body. Head in very good condition with shiny rub on top. Might wash off. Everything else is excellent.

Set #2 - Ears ONLY. Excellent condition.



Speedy **None at the Moment**    
Stewie Set #1 - Ears, Head & Body ONLY. Ears & body in excellent condition. Head has bit of paint rub to nose & some to eyes right around the nose.

Set #2 - Ears & Body ONLY. Excellent condition

Set #3 - Ears & Body ONLY. Excellent condition.

Set #4 - Ears ONLY. Excellent condition.





Convertible/Windy **None at the Moment**    
Fire Truck/Sparky **None at the Moment**    
Round Town Village/Ned **None at the Moment**    
Round Town Camper/Campy **None at the Moment**    
Round Town Rescue Squad **None at the Moment**    
Bopper/Head Head Only - Light black mark on top of head. Slight pain rubs on eyes. $2.00  
Spinner/Head **None at the Moment**    
13th Character/Visor Guy **None at the Moment**    
Olympic Guy **None at the Moment**    


Nerfuls Miscellaneous Items

Toy Description/Condition Price Status
Books **None at the moment**    

Please email me at if you have any questions or would like to place an order. Include the item name in the Subject line of your email. View my WANTS if you wanna trade.

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