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Where's Waldo?

I have been searching the internet for information on Where's Waldo products. There doesn't seem to be a complete list to my knowledge, so I have put together this webpage for myself as well as other Waldo enthusiasts! It will constantly be updated, as I find more information & more toys. Please feel free to email me if you have better or correct information or input. By the way, Where's Waldo was also known as Where's Wally to Europe & Australia.



Absolutely Amazing Activity Book

Complete Crazy Activity Book

Really Remarkable Actiivty Book

Simply Sensational Activity Book

Truly Terrific Activity Book

Wildly Wonderful Activity Book

The Ultimate Fun Book

The Wonder Book

Where's Waldo? (Did you know this book was banned from certain places? There is a topless lady in the beach scene!)

Find Waldo Now

The Great Waldo Search

Where's Waldo In Hollywood?

Where's Waldo Now

Fun With Waldo

More Fun With Waldo

The Magnificent Poster Book

The Great Space Adventure

Fighting Knights - Fun Fact Book

Plundering Pirates - Fun Fact Book -

The Fantastic Journey


Games & Activities:

Funtastic Fun Box (?)

The Greatest Activity Set

Waldo Watcher Card Game

World Game


Computer Games/Software

Where's Waldo At The Circus - Published by Warner Music Group

Review with Screenshots -

Another of the same download? -

Where's Waldo? Exploring Geography - Published by Warner Music Group





550 Piece Puzzles:

Deep Sea Divers

Land of Waldos

Nasty Nasties

100 Piece Puzzles:

Being A Pirate

Carpet Flyers #626

Gold Rush

On The Beach

Space Adventure (or The Future?)

Safari Park #624

Unfriendly Giants #629

Playskool Puzzles:

At The Playground

First Day of School

In The Kitchen (?)


Giant Two-Sided Round Floor Puzzle

Floor Shape Puzzle (Waldo)

Matching Puzzle Game


Trading Cards

Set of 128?


Greeting Cards





Around The World In A Daze

Birthday Blowout

Meanie Genie Of Aladdin's Lamp

Merry Christmas Mix Up


Set of Twin Sheets

Includes Flat, Fitted, & Pillow Sham/Case theme is Land of Waldos


Video Games:

NES - Where's Waldo?

NES - The Great Waldo Search


SNES - The Great Waldo Search

Sega Genesis - The Great Waldo Search




Halloween Costumes x 2



Waldo, himself





Coffee Mugs

Snow Globes

Lunch Box & Thermos


Fast Food Premiums

4?5? Christmas Ornaments

Pencil Watchers?

PVC Figures?


Readers Digest Waldo's World?

Set of 30? Magazine type books each showing a different country?

Includes stickers of flags & area attractions?

Includes a Waldo's Atlas?


Where's Waldo Watch


Where's Waldo Camera


Where's Waldo Web Game Link:


Where's Waldo Scene on Web:


Official Where's Waldo Site (It's Missing!)




Cartoon Review:


Some books & extras I found that are similar to Where's Waldo include:

Anthony (Tony) Tallarico

Look & Find Series


Toy Description/Condition Price Status


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