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It’s been around for a while, but only recently has it been reborn.  Crohook or cro hook also goes by the names:  crohooking, crochenit, crochet-knit, croknit, and crochet on the double.  The hooks are also called double ended, double end, flexible, swivel and circular crochet hooks.  The hooks are not the same as the “travel crochet hooks” that have different size hooks on each end.


I’m fairly new to yarn crafts, but I’ve gathered that crohook stems from Tunisian crochet (also called: Afghan Stitch, Hook Knitting, Railroad Knitting, Shepherd's Knitting, and Tricot Crochet) where you work the yarn onto the long hook, then work the loops off.  I believe the only difference is that with crohook you turn your work after working the yarn on the hook and then you start a new row with a different color or a second yarn of the same color, alternating yarns/colors every other row.


The hooks are not overly difficult to find, but will take a little effort.  I found some at Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby.  I believe others have found them at Michaels, Rag Shop, Joann, and online (Create for Less, Herrschners, Joann, Annie’s Attic) too. 


They come in sizes:

  1. F Boye 14”
  2. G Boye 14” & Susan Bates 10” & 14”
  3. H Boye 14” & Susan Bates 10” & 14”
  4. I Boye 14” & Susan Bates 10” & 14”
  5. J Boye 14” & Susan Bates 10” & 14”
  6. K Boye 14” & Susan Bates 10” & 14”
  7. M (Crochenit)
  8. N Boye 14”
  9. P Susan Bates 10”
  10. Q Susan Bates 10”


And cable, circular, flexible or swivel hooks:

  1. G Boye 21”, Crochet On The Double Swivel 34” & Susan Bates 40”
  2. H Boye 21”, Crochet On The Double Swivel 34” & Susan Bates 40”
  3. I Boye 21” & Susan Bates 40”
  4. J Boye 21” & Susan Bates 40”
  5. K Crochet On The Double Swivel 34” & Susan Bates 40”
  6. M (Crochenit)


Personally, I feel that from the beginning, buying the longer hook instead of a shorter one will allow me to create smaller pieces as well as larger pieces.  Some may find the extra length to be too unruly with smaller pieces.  Just a personal preference.  Also a note that there are other hooks out there made of plastic, bone/ivory and wooden dowels.  Cro hooks are out there, just not as readily accessible as knitting needles or regular crochet hooks.


Finding instructions are quite easy online.  Patterns (other than pot holders or dish cloths) on the other hand are out there, but most require a bit of searching to find.  I’ve compiled a list of publication titles (all are booklets or leaflets unless otherwise noted) and websites that have crohook tutorials and patterns (remember that some patterns are from as far back as the 70’s):


Printed matter first…


Crochenit Booklets from


  1. Book 1 – 19 patterns, instructions & samplers
  2. Book 2 – 11 patterns, mostly baby
  3. Book 3 – 11 patterns, mixed
  4. Book 4 – 17 patterns, mixed
  5. Book 5 – 14 patterns, mixed
  6. Book 6 – 13 patterns, mixed
  7. Book 7 – 7 patterns, generally clothes
  8. Book 8 – 13 patterns, generally household
  9. Book 9 – 21 patterns, generally houehold
  10. Book 10 – 12 patterns, mostly clothes
  11. Book 11 – 20 patterns, head, shoulder and feet warmers
  12. Book 12 – 10 patterns, Christmas items
  13. Toys 1 – 6 patterns, animals
  14. Toys 2 – 4 patterns, dolls
  15. Toys 3 – 8 patterns, animals
  16. Toys 4 – 6 patterns, animals
  17. Toys 5 – 7 patterns, animals
  18. Toys 6 – 2 patterns, animals
  19. Spanish Book 1 – 20 patterns, mixed
  20. Spanish Book 2 – 11 patterns, mostly clothes
  21. Spanish Book 3 – 3 patterns, toys



Crochenit Booklets/Leaflets from Annie’s Attic


  1. How To Crochenit
  2. Cha Cha Scarf & Hat
  3. Easy Cuddly Critters
  4. Easy Place Mats & Trivets
  5. Heartland Comforts
  6. Lady Ester Bear & Friends
  7. Mile A Minute Afghans
  8. Special Stitches Dishcloths


  1. How To Crochenit with the Crochenit Cable Hook
  2. Accent Rugs
  3. Beautiful Baby Afghans
  4. Cuddle Up Lapghans
  5. Easy Afghans


Crochet on the Double Booklets/Leaflets from Annie’s Attic and the Needlecraft Shop


  1. How To Crochet On The Double
  2. Afghans On the Double
  3. Baby Blankets On The Double
  4. Baby Layette On The Double
  5. Bath Décor On The Double
  6. Christmas Joy (On The Double)
  7. Classy Capes & Cloaks
  8. Dishcloths On The Double
  9. Faux Monk's Cloth Place Mats (On The Double)
  10. Faux Monk Rugs
  11. Grannies On The Double
  12. Handy Dandy Dishcloths, Soap Covers & Towels
  13. In The Double (Crochet On The Double)
  14. Kitchen Décor On The Double
  15. Mile A Minute Afghans (Crochet On The Double)
  16. Naptime Buddies & Blankets (On The Double)
  17. Reversible Pocket Scarf & Hat
  18. Reversible Ripple Afghans On The Double
  19. Reversible Scrap Afghans (by American School of Needlework)
  20. Sampler Afghan On The Double
  21. Scrap Afghans On The Double
  22. Sensational Shawls On The Double
  23. Southwest Ripples (On The Double)
  24. Winter Warmers On The Double


Cro Hook Booklets/Leaflets by Boye


  1. Baby Layette In Easy To Do Cro Hook (same as Teach Yourself…Layette without the hooks)
  2. A Bounty of Baby Bundle-Ups (2 Cro Hook patterns out of 5 total – 1 of which is also in Turnabout Togabouts…)
  3. Dreamy Soft Fashions in Easy To Do Cro Hook
  4. I Taught Myself To Crochet #7702, 1975 & 1987 (1 lesson/1 pattern each)
  5. It's So Easy To Learn Cro-Hook Knitting
  6. New!  Turnabout Togabouts Cro-Hook Knitting Reversibles
  7. Teach Yourself to Cro Hook Afghan Cro hook Set #6394 (includes J flexible hook)
  8. Teach Yourself to Cro Hook Hat & Scarf Cro Hook Set #6395 (includes I flexible hook)
  9. Teach Yourself to Cro Hook Layette Cro Hook Set #6399 (includes I & K hooks.  Same patterns as Baby Layette In Easy To Do Cro-Hook)



Double End/Reversible


  1. Double Delight Afghans
  2. Learn To Crochet Reversible Afghans with A Double Ended Cro Hook
  3. Quick Change Pillows
  4. Reversible Baby Afghans
  5. Reversible Hats & Scarves
  6. Reversible Kitchen Sets
  7. Reversible Ripple Afghans with the Double Ended Crochet Hook
  8. Reversible Scrap Afghans
  9. Scrubbies
  10. Vertical Stripe Afghans





  1. 101 Double-Ended Hook Stitches Book (all crohook – tutorial, no patterns)
  2. Crochet On The Double Made Easy Book (all crohook – small tutorial, over 60 patterns)
  3. Jiffy Crochet-Knit Fashions made with the double end hook
  4. Crochet-Knit Fashions made with the double end hook (7 patterns taken from the above book)
  5. Top Technique & Special Stitch Afghans Book (2 small tutorial sections and only 5 patterns)
  6. Crochet Gifts To Go Book (at least one pattern for CroHook)




Here are the websites with tutorials and/or (free) patterns:


Jacqui's Baby Overalls page 1

Jacqui's Baby Overalls page 2

Jacqui's Tea Cozy

Jacqui's Jumper (Sweater)


Annie’s Attic  formerly StitchGuide

Annie’s Attic Crochenit Tutorial

Crochenit Cozy Slippers

Annie’s Attic Crochet On The Double Tutorial

Crochet On The Double Quick Potholders


Nicole The Geek's Crohook Tutorial and Sampler Stitches


Cassandra’s Crochet Corner Crochet Knit Stitch Tutorial


Crochet Magazine Lime Sensation Scarf


Crochenit Free Patterns


Crochet Pattern Central Links to Patterns


Crochet Kim Crohook Tutorial

Crochet Kim Reversible Scarf

Crochet Kim Spider Lace Baby Afghan

Crochet Kim Patriotic Dishcloth


Crochet N More Joannes Afghan


Crochet World Bunny Basket


Knitted Threads Tutorial


Kreinik Patriotic Purse

Kreinik Triangle Evening Purse


Marlos Crochet Corner Tutorial


Bella Online Tutorial also Me Did It Tutorial

Me Did It Dish Cloth

Me Did It Arm Warmers also Bella Online Arm Warmers


Laurie B's Crohook Slippers


Panda Crochet Snuggly Slippers

Panda Crochet Hook Case


South Bay Crochet Potholder


Knit 2 Together Tutorial


Wrights Baby Booties (Boye)

Wrights Kitchen Towel Topper (Boye)

Wrights Dish Cloth (Boye)


Debbi Lynn Eyeglass Case




Some Support Groups:


Cro-HookCrochet Yahoo Group

Crochenit Yahoo Group

CrochetOnTheDouble Yahoo Group



I have spent a great many hours researching and creating this webpage and quite a few dollars collecting paraphernalia.  Please give me credit if anything from my page is used elsewhere.  My sincerest hope is that others will find this page to be the most comprehensive on crocheting-using-double-end-hooks ever and enjoy cro hooking as much as I do!


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