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Hmmmk's Want List


At the moment, I collect mostly BriarBerry Bears, Smooshees, Ertl's/TCFC's Playground/Play-A-Lot Kids, MoonDreamers & Nerfuls. I also collect immitations of these items. Below are the items from each toy line that I don't have and will trade for, preferably like items (i.e. one nude MoonDreamer doll for one nude MoonDreamer doll). Email me at hmmmk at yahoo dot com if you have anything below for sale or trade!


Briarberry Bears

Pajamas - Red Plaid

Prototype? of Rocking Horse

Prototype? of Gazebo

****I am looking for the following brochures/tags or any other literature regarding Briarberry Bears:****

Hangtags for BerryAnn, BerryBeth, BerryJane, MollyBerry, SarahBerry, BerryLynn, MaggieBerry, & Hannahberry.

Hangbooks for MollyBerry, BerryLynn & any that came after the first 7 bears.

Birth Certificates for Baby Joey, Baby Julie & english-only ones for all 4 newest babies, Anna, Joey, Kristin & Mary.

StoryBooks for MollyBerry (Kite), & SarahBerry (School)

Brochures that predates the one that includes on the front picture - BerryAnn, BerryBeth, BerryJane, MollyBerry & SarahBerry. (1998)

****Please contact me if you have information on other literature****

Any Set that is date or holiday exlusive except BerryKris, BerryNicole and MerryBerry.

I would LOVE to hear what a full collection consists of. I only started collecting in November '99, so, I only know of the list above and the pieces that I have. Please email me if you have a list of the complete collection & especially pics! Thanks!


Eek The Cat/Eek!Stravaganza

I'm especially interested in having copies of all of the "Eek The Cat" episodes.

Would consider The Terrible Thunder Lizards & Klutter episodes also.

Any other promotional item, please email with detailed description and picture.


Ertl/TCFC Dolls

PlayGround Kids, Preschoolers & Play-A-Lot Friends

Abby & her Bouncy Barky Spring Seat (Preschooler) **Need POPSICLE Only**

Amanda & her Silly Spring Thing

Amy & the Giggle Go-Round (Playset) **PENDING**

Becky, Rock Star (Play-A-Lot Friends) with her Electric Keyboard & Guitar

Krissy, Roll N' Skater (Play-A-Lot Friends) with her Scooter, Skates & Helmet

Laura's bow, jacket & the Flip-A-Ling Play N' Swing (Playset) **GOT Laura & Flip-A-Ling Play N' Swing ONLY - Still need bow, jacket & slide, comb & stand**

Lisa & her Down Around Slide **GOT Lisa & Slide Only - Still need bow & dress, comb & stand**

Melissa & the Picnic FunCycle (Playset)

Molly & the On The Mark Fun Park (Playset) **PENDING**

Ricky & his Like-A-Bike Trike **PENDING**

Tanya & her Teeter Rockin' Totter

Any others not listed

Also imitations & their equipment (Amber, April, Jessica, Kelsey, Sydney, & Tracy, plus dollar store wannabees)

Please email me, hmmmk at yahoo dot com, with *ANY* info on other imitation lines - name of line, maker, number & names of dolls, any equipment or accessories, date, original price, packaging pics, etc. **Especially** if you have some for sale/trade. THANKS!!!!


Whimzee's Dream Hairtail

Mint Dream Gazer's shoes, stand, crystal, dream tail, record, hair comb.

Sparky's Dream Hairtail

Bitsy's hair comb, dream crystal string & 1 shoe. **PENDING STRING**

Mint Blinky & Ursa with all accessoriers, or just all accessories. **PENDING DREAM CRYSTAL**

Mint Dream-A-Long-Drifter

Mint Dream Central

Mint Celeste and Galaxia with all accessories

My Little Angel by Ertl

Clover Cherub With Lily Complete

Dallas Cherub with Kaitlen Complete

Joy Angel Complete

Lea Cherub with Megan Complete

Nerfuls by Parker Brothers

Bart Ball

Betty Ball

Budd Ball (head and hat only)

Officer Bob (Head only)

Frankie (Head only)

Katie (Hair only)

Speedy (Hat only)

Stewie' (Skateboard only)

Windy (Kerchief/hat only)

Sparky (Head & helmet/hat only)

Round Town Ned's skates/skateboard?

Round Town ("Campy" - Camper's hat, head & skateboard(?) only)

Round Town Rescue Squad Complete



Budd Ball Plush

Bitsy Ball Plush

4 Books

Book with Cassette Tape

Card Game

Belly Flopper Game

3 or more Puzzles

**ANY others not listed here, such as the visor guy, red hat & red hair guy, the white teeth smiling guy, the medal guy, the barber shop quartet hat guy and any imitations - Can anyone name them & give me complete descriptions on matching body parts? THANKS!!!**


Cinderella's skirt/dress

Judy & Neptune's mint tan/brown spaceship, bubble & spacepack, & purple helmet

Mary's (of Mary & Missy) blanket

Country Cuddlers Playset's saddle, flowers and one ribbon

Travel Pouch

Sky Bird (Green one) & ring/cord & container

Shimmer Fish's necklace & pin

Smuggle Bunny's 1 small white barrette

Squeaker Mouse & clip

Sea Sea Writer's pen

Rambler Rabbit & pen

Ted E Hush's diary

Amanda Panda's accessories

Rockin' Robin's pyramid

Tara Toy's "Soft N Squishee" (all - dog/doghouse, cat/tree, & horse/barn – except bear/tree, cow/moon or mouse with clock) Need info on this line - Please!

Mel Appel's "Lil Stuffers" (all but MIP Puppy/Denim Pocket, MIP Baby Johnathan/Bunting Bag, MIP Lauren/Sleeping Bag, loose girl with pigtails, loose girl with just bangs, & loose girl with marroon flower in "bun" hair) Need info on this line - Please!

Hong Kong City Toys (all) Need info on this line including name of line- Please!

Super Nintendo Games - I would like *complete* with working cartridge, box, insert, dust cover, manual/instruction book, maps, & strategy guide (this last is just a plus). Will also consider partial parts in good condition.



Harvest Moon

New Horizons

Ogre Battle




Super Mario RPG/Legend of the Stars?

Ultima **GOT False Prophet**

Uncharted Waters

Ys III - Wanders of Ys


Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes - Pussyfoot/Marc Antony & Others

I'm especially interested in having copies of the four? episodes Pussyfoot appeared in.

  1. Cat Feud
  2. Feed The Kitty
  3. Feline Frame-Up
  4. Kiss Me Cat

Any other promotional item, please email with detailed description and picture.

I love Frisky Puppy with Claude the Cat too. Please let me know if you have any plushes or other items or copies of these episodes:

  1. No Barking
  2. Terrier Stricken?
  3. Two's a Crowd
  4. Cheese Chasers
  5. Hypo-Chondri-Cat
  6. Mouse Warming
  7. Mouse Wreckers

Remember the daydreamer, Ralph Phillips, the kid who dreampt up colossal tales? Contact me if you have these episodes:

  1. 90 Day Wondering
  2. Boyhood Daze
  3. Drafty, Isn't It?
  4. From A to Z-Z-Z-Z


Where's Waldo? by Martin Handford

Where's Waldo Adventure Cards, Complete & with box **GOT IT**

Where's Waldo Wand

Where's Waldo Greeting Cards

Where's Waldo Hardees items (what is a complete set?)

Where's Waldo Mattel/Life Cereal items (what is a complete set?)

Where's Waldo The Wonder Book

Where's Waldo The Ultimate Fun Book

Where's Waldo At the Circus - CDRom

Where's Waldo Activity Books -

Where's Waldo Puzzles - Deep Sea Divers, Land of Waldos, Nasty Nasties, Carpet Flyers, Gold Rush, Space Adventures, Unfriendly Giants, First Day of School, Playground?


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