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I have decided to close up "shop". My attentions have turned towards purely collecting, and I no longer wish to be in the business of selling toys. I truly enjoy collecting & researching, though & will continue to add new toy lines - descriptions and helpful information - to my website. Please click on the below links for any information I have been able to gather about a specific toy line or other interests of mine.

I still LOVE to shop and collect many things (my daughter & husband will attest to that - "What'd you buy (me) today?"). Below are links to toy lines in which I have an interest. As my obsession/compulsion turns towards new things, I will add a page with my newly gathered information. My information is taken from many places, including company catalogs, item packaging, company websites, fan websites, etc. I also am driven to collect imitations, & will include any information on those, too. Each link includes links to other information/fan sites and links to groups of people with similar/same interests. My current fad is interactive toys - digital pets, computer/virtual pals, physical creatures, etc.

I encourage anyone with additional information to please email me at hmmmk at yahoo dot com with corrections or additions. Pictures, especially toys still in their packages, are very welcome.

Please forgive the ongoing construction as I try to make this a better web site. Thanks! :)

This page was last updated: Monday, September 22, 2008

Adoptable Online Pets

Babyz by PFMagic/Mindscape

Books I Recommend (-Ologies & the Like)

Bored Kids – “I dunno, whadda you wanna do?”

Briarberry Bears (Fisher Price)

Catz by PFMagic/Ubi Soft

Chibibotto by Tiger

Coca Cola Kids by Ertl/TCFC


Creatures by Mindscape

CroHook, Crochenit, Crochet On The Double

Digital Pets (Tamagotchi, Giga Pets, Nano Baby, etc)


Dogz by PFMagic/Ubi Soft

Family Night!

Farm Country Kids/Case IH Kids by Ertl/TCFC

Fiber Crafts & Needlework (Loom Knitting, Sewing, Weaving)

Furby by Hasbro

Furby Babies by Hasbro

Furby (Friends of) by Hasbro

Healthy Snacking On The Run

Marmo the Moon Angel by

MoonDreamers (Moon Dreamers)

My Little Angel by Ertl




Nerfuls (Parker Brothers)


Oddballz by PFMagic

Online Virtual Chat

Ooglies by Playmates


Playground Kids by Ertl



Sea Monkeys (Amazing) by Mindscape?


Scoozie & Animal Antics by Senario


Shelby by Hasbro


Smooshees (Fisher Price)

Travel Bag – Kids On The Go!

WuvLuvs & WuvLuvs2 by Trendmasters

Video & Computer Games

Zudes by Tiger



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