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Nerfuls are fun ball-shaped figures with three separate pieces that you can pull apart and put together in all sorts of silly ways. Without the top and bottom pieces, you have a bouncy ball with a face!

I am just beginning my collection and information gathering on Nerfuls. Please feel free to offer any information or pictures. I would love to have a brochure or other similar literature. Thanks!

3 Piece Figures:







Bart Ball

Bart Ball is the father of the Ball family. Everyone knows him as "Bart Ball the doughnut salesman", who loves to tell the corniest jokes around!

Purple Fedora? Hat

Blue Face with crooked eyes

Red Body with blue hands and yellow bow tie


Betty Ball

Betty Ball is the mother of the Ball family. She's cheerful and always looks on the bright side of life. Betty Ball has her hands full trying to keep her family active, happy, and well-rounded.

Red "Flip" Hair

Pink Female Face with eyelashes

Purple Body with pink hands and yellow and purple broach


Bitsy Ball

Bitsy Ball is the teenage daughter of the Ball family. She's always bouncy, bubbly, and full of energy. Because Bitsy Ball loves to dance, she's never without her radio.

Yellow Pigtail Hair

Yellow Female Face with eyelashes

Red Body and yellow hands holding silver radio

BK 1989

Budd Ball

Budd Ball is the son of the Betty Ball and Bart Ball. He has all of the Nerfuls best qualities rolled into one, although at times Budd Ball can be a bit mischievous and loves to start trouble with his ever-ready slingshot!

Red Baseball Cap

Orange twisted boy face with red tongue

Purple Body with orange hands. Slingshot in back pocket (like Ned's body)


Captain Nerfuls

Captain Nerfuls brought all of the Nerfuls from Erf to Earth in his ball-shaped shuttle. He's a little spaced out and sometimes gets things mixed up!

Yellow Helmet

Green face with mouth in "O" position

Purple Body with green hands and orange cape buckle



Fetch is Budd Ball's true-blue ball terrier. He's forever digging things up and bringing them around for everyone to see. Of course, Fetch loves to fetch.

Blue Dog Ears

Blue Dog Face (Lolling Tongue)

Blue Dog body with white bone. Black spots on back around tail

BK 1989

Officer Bob

Officer Bob keeps law and order by making his daily rounds. He's a good friend to the younger Nerfuls. Day or night, you can count on Officer Bob to be wearing his sunglasses.

Blue Police Hat

Purple Face with green sunglasses and black mustache

Blue Officer Body with yellow star and white gloves/hands

BK 1989


Scratch is the cool cat of the Nerfuls characters. Most of the time she just rolls around or plays with her ball of yarn. But whenever she can, she likes to play tricks on Fetch.

Yellow Cat Ears

Orange Cat Face (Whiskers)

Yellow Cat Body with blue ball of yarn

BK 1989

3-Piece Figures On Wheels:








Frankie is the youngest member of the Nerfuls gang. He's a real daredevil who loves to zoom around on his bright red wagon. If Frankie takes a spill, he's always quick to bounce back.

Green ski-type cap

Yellow head with "X" bandage on right cheek

Blue body with yellow hands and green frog in back pocket (like Campy's body)

Red Wagon with yellow wheels


Katie is the tomboy of the Nerfuls gang. She pals around with Budd Ball and the other boys, skating all over town. Though they all try, no one can skate as fast as Katie!

Orange pony tail

Pink girl head with black freckles and blue glasses

Green body with pink hands and yellow skate key around neck.

Yellow Skates


Speedy is a little Nerfuls character with big ideas. Whenever someone's in trouble, Speedy races to the rescue aboard his big tricycle. But sometimes, Speedy's "super deeds" turn into "super duds"!

Blue helmet

Purple head wearing black mask/goggles

Orange body with purple hands and yellow star

Yellow Tricycle with red wheels


Stewie is the Nerfuls smart-aleck rabbit. When he's not making wisecracks, he's skateboarding here and there, nibbling on radishes, peas, doughnuts, and other round foods.

Yellow floppy rabbit ears

Gray head with whiskers, sleepy eyes, pink nose and buck teeth

Yellow body with white cottontail and blue squiggly "N' on front

Red Skateboard

Convertible & Fire Truck:







Soft Convertible & Windy

Windy, or any Nerfuls character, can have a cushy ride in this safe, soft convertible!

Blue Kerchief

Green head with pink lips


Pink Car with green wheels & license plate that says "Roll"

Soft Fire Truck & Sparky

Sparky, or any Nerfuls character, can have a cushy ride in this safe, soft fire truck!

Red Fireman's Hat

Orange Head


Red Firetruck with yellow ladders & white wheels

Round Town Action Playsets: Round out the fun with one of all three NERFULS Round Town Action Playsets! Put them together in all sorts of ways and create a world of well rounded activity! All three NERFULS Action Playsets work together to keep the fun growing!



Parts Included

Round Town Villiage

The NERFULS are right at home with their Round Town Village! There's the NERFULS Round House, Pet Store & Police Station. With the NERFULS Spinning Cafe, Round Trip Elevator - plus Action Slides, Round Windows, and more - there's always a fun reason for NERFULS figures to go to town! Includes "Ned? the Neighbor"?

Ned has orange head with "O" shaped mouth and looking up. Orange ski cap and blue body with orange hands and slingshot in back pocket (like Budd's body)

Blue Bed

Green Couch/chair

2 Slides

White Cafe with Orange Umbrella

Green flat round base

Yellow cylindrical base

Blue cylindrical Base

Orange? top with white crank and orange? elevator

3 "buildings"

Round Town Camper

It's the NERFULS characters' home-away-from-home -- on wheels! NERFULS figures keep active with the Campers' Rocking Rowboat, Action Slide, Trap Door and much more! Includes "Campy" figure.

Campy is Yellow hat, green head with red tongue, Orange body with green hands and frog in back pocket (like Frankie's body) and Blue skateboard.

1 Green slide

Blue camper

Green base with 4 yellow wheels

Orange and yellow canoe

Round Town Rescue Squad

NERFULS roll to the rescue with their very own Fire Station and Rescue Squad! There's a NERFULS figure Action Launcher, Safety Net, Wagon, Fire Extinguisher, Action Slide and much more!





Parts Included


Any NERFULS figure fits. Just pop 'em in & bop 'em out! It sends NERFULS figures sailing and spinning across any flat surface.

Yellow Plunger

Blue Base

Orange head wearing red mask/goggles


Take any NERFULS figure out for a spin! Just pop one in, give it a pull and the NERFULS figure spins on its nose.

Yellow Base

Red "Key" Pull

Green head


Unidentified: Please assist me in identifying names and body parts for the following:







"13th Character"

Also known as "Visor Guy". Was he a mail away or an after thought?

Blue visor

Yellow Face with normal eyes and smile

Red Body with yellow hands and white zipper and white "N" button. Has "NERFULS" across back


"Olympic Guy"

Special Edition?

Red hair with white sweat band?

Orange head with wide toothy smile

Blue body with yellow/gold medal.



Not a true Nerfuls????

Brown hat





Not a true Nerfuls????

White barber shop quartet type hat with red band and brown hair





Beaver or tiger head (Not a true Nerfuls)


Brown head with black stripes and white buck teeth.


LJN Toys 1989


Squirter head/ball (Not a true Nerfuls??)


Yellow beach ball? with orange partitions? and blue? sunglasses.


Squirts water

3-Piece Soft Toys:



Bitsy Ball

9 inch high, soft, 3-piece fun rolled into one. Each is a soft touch for hugging, posing and playing!

Budd Ball

9 inch high, soft, 3-piece fun rolled into one. Each is a soft touch for hugging, posing and playing!

Media - Books, Tapes, Games:



Book 1

Purple outline

Book 2

"Dress Up" - Blue & green outline

Book 3

Blue outline

Book 4

Pink outline


Dance & sing along with the nerfuls as they come to life on exciting albums and cassettes featuring orignal songs and music!

Storybook & Cassette

Listen and read along as the NERFULS take you on fun-filled journeys with entertaining cassette and storybook combinations

Nerfuls Belly Floppers Game

Players catch a wave of fun with this 3D action game as they try to flip the NERFULS character from their diving board into their matching ?saver.

Nifty Nerfuls Card Games

5 different games you play with one round deck of cards - featuring your favorite NERFULS characters!

Puzzle 1


Puzzle 2


Puzzle 3


I have seen a few more pieces (body parts) of which I'm unable to identify. Can anyone please offer names/makers & missing pieces to:

  1. Visor guy (blue visor, yellow head red?/orange? body)
  2. Red hat & red hair guy (knitted-like hat has white brim & red hair)
  3. White teeth/smiley guy (yellow or orange head with eyes looking upward and wide toothy grin)
  4. Blue body with yellow medal guy
  5. Barber shop quartet hat guy (brown hair with white had and red?/pink? band around hat)
  6. And any others not listed on my page?

Please email me at if you have any questions or comments. Include the item name in the Subject line of your email.

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