My Little Angel

Magical Angels, Cherubs & Pets to Watch Over You!

Ertl 1993

The Angels:

Angela - The Nursery Angel - Where do babies come from? Mom and Dad know, but when they tell you it can be confusing. The truth is, they come from Angela. She's in charge of the Angel Nursery. Angela makes sure each baby is delivered to the correct address. Then she watches over them to see they're safe. Includes a blue comb and gold teddy bear charm. #7856

Cookie - The Kitchen Angel - Food makes you grow up big and strong. It gives you energy to play, and learn, and help mom around the house. Cookie is in charge of the Angel Kitchen. Where do you think Angel Food Cake comes from? It was developed by Cookie. On Earth, Cookie make sure that everything tastes good and that all plates are clean. Includes a yellow comb and gold mixing bowl with spoon charm. #7855

Daphne - The Angel of Music - When you open a song book, who figured out that the squiggle lines mean a specific sound? Daphne did! Musical notes, the sounds of flutes and harps, and the sweet songs of the Angel choir, are all Daphne's domain. On earth, she keeps little choir singers "alert" during practice, and makes sure every little voice sounds sweet and pure. Includes purple comb and gold clef charm. #7852

Joy - The Angel of Love Includes pink? comb and gold heart? charm. #7853

Luminar - The Angel Starlighter - On a clear night, when you look up and watch the stars, it seems there are zillions in the sky. How did they get so bright? Luminar is there to make sure that each star shines bright. She polishes and shines and adds that speical twinkle to each and every one. Luminar adds hope to every star so wishes come true. Includes a yellow comb and gold star charm. #7854

Mistie - The Cloud Chaser Angel - How did the clouds get those funny shapes? They look like bunnies, chicks, puppies, and kittens. Well, it's Mistie who fluffs and puffs every cloud until it has it's own wonderful shape. Mistie's most important job is to check each and every cloud, to see they all have a silver lining. Includes a pink comb and gold cloud charm. #7851

The Cherubs:

Candie - The Helpmate to Cookie - When the beets, liver and onions are finally gone, there has to be something you look forward to eating. It's got to be sweet, and it's got to be fun. When it's all said and done, it's got to be Candie. She makes sre that for every "good" thing Mom feeds you, there is also something great. Life just wouldn't be any fun, without a little Candie. Includes peach/orange comb, silver mixing bowl with spoon charm, yellow bottle with green spoon and fork "X" symbol, and green quiver "holder" with yellow bow and pink spoon and fork "arrows". #7859

Faith - The Helper to Mistie & Luminar - When you wish upon a star, how do you know your wish will come true? When the clouds are dark, how do you know there will be a silver lining? You just have to have Faith. She gathers heavens magical stardust", you know, the stuff dreams are made of. Faith then sprinkles it on little sleepy heads tso they hve Faith. Includes yellow comb, silver star charm, pink bottle with purple star symbol, and purple quiver "holder" with pink bow and yellow moon and star "arrows". #7858

Hope - Angel-In-Training to Angela - Did you ever wonder how the stork knows which house to deliver the babies too? Without a plan, you could wind up living with adults who don't even look like you. Hope has a list of all the babies and the parents they get. To make sure the stork can find the right address, Hope shoots an arrow on the door of the new parents home. Life would be just too confusing without Hope. Includes purple comb, silver teddy bear charm, pink bottle with green teddy bear symbol, and green quiver "holder" with pink bow and yellow bottle and ? "arrows". #7876

Luv - Helper to Joy - Do you know what makes your heart melt, when a puppy looks up with those big, sad eyes? Luv is the answer. She is the Angel-in-training to Joy, the Angel of Love. She shoots her arrows to see that everyone has someone to love. Of course, she's not an angel yet. So, if you see someone that doesn't have anyone to love, well...Luv missed. Includes pink comb, silver heart charm, yellow bottle with pink heart symbol, and pink quiver "holder" with yellow bow and pink heart "arrows". #7857

Cherubs And Pets Sets:

Clover and Lily - Cherub and Lamb?. Includes green? comb, green? hairband for Lily, yellow? bottle with purple? clover symbol, gold ? charm.

Dallas and Kaitlin - Cherub and Horse/Pegasus. Includes ? comb, green? hairband for Kaitlin, yellow? bottle with purple? horseshoe? symbol, gold horseshoe? charm

Lea and Megan - Cherub and Lion. Includes ? comb, green? hairband for Megan, yellow? gottle, gold ? charm.


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