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Ertl/TCFC Dolls

Coca Cola Kids - Coca-Cola Kids are fun loving friends who always share their fun with one another! They can swing, climb or hang just like a real kid! Collect all of the Coca-Cola Kids and start a fun-filled playground of your own! 1993 #7865

Beth & the Picnic FunCycle (Playset) - #7860

Carmen & her Like A Bike Trike - #7864

Lauren & her Zig Zaggin' Wagon - #7861

Nicole & her On The Go Cart - #7862

Samantha & her Slider Glider - #7863

Farm Country or Case IH Kids - Let your imagination soar with the fun-filled Farm Country Kids. Collect all of the Farm Country Kids and start a playground of your own! 1994 #4359

Bouncin' Becky & her Cute Cart - #4368

Fast Freddy & his Rough Trike - #4374

Swingin' Sharon & her Zig-Zaggin' Wagon - #4373

Twirlin' Tammy & her Whirl About - #4369

PlayGround Kids - 1990 - 1992 - #7725 (Assortment I), #7730 (Assortment II) & #7755 (Assortment III) - Playground Kids are fun-loving friends. They can swing, climb or hang just like a real kid. their grasping hands allow them to hold on to their playground pieces - as well as each other! Playground Kids always love to share their fun with one another! Collect all the Playground Kids and start a fun-filled playground of your own! Each of these soft, poseable dolls comes with their favorite playground toy, all of which are interchangeable. Soft, poseable bodies with weighted feet simulate real playground activities. Indiviual personalities are enhanced by clothing and hair styles. Rooted hair for styling play, removeable garment for dress play. Complete with posing stand and styling comb.

Boogie & Bop Pizza Shop (Playset) (No doll included) - Pic 2 - #7758 -

Amanda and her Silly Spring Thing - # - Part of the Assortment III (X2).

Becky and her Silly Spring Thing - # - Part of the Assortment I (X2).

Carrie and her On-The-Go Cart - #7739 - When Carrie rides around on her On-the-Go Cart she pretends that it's a big race and she's winnig! Join Carrie at the winner's circle with her On-the-Go cart. Part of the Assortment III (X2).

Emily and her Slider Glider - #7752 - For Emily, sliding across the playground in her Slider glider is half the fun of getting there! Follow Emily and her Slider Glider for cool, fast fun that's hard to beat! Part of the Assortment II (X2).

Jennifer and her Zig-Zaggin' (ZigZaggin') Wagon - #7750 - Catch up with Jennifer and her ZigZaggin' Wagon for speedy fun on the run! Part of the Assortment II (X2).

Jill and her FunSee FunSaw - Pic 2 - # - Part of the Assortment II (X2).

Katie and her Swing Sweet (Set) Fun Seat - #7742 - Katie has the best time swaying her SwingSweet Fun Seat as she pretends that she's flying around the world! Hop in the fun seat with Katie and fly high in the sky. Part of the Assortment I. (X2)

Kelli and her Whirl 'N' Twirl Chair - Pic 2 - # - Part of the Assortment II (X2).

Krissy and her Roll N (Rollin') Rider - #7744 - Krissy is dizzy with delight after taking a trip on her Roll n' Rider. You can rock n' roll Krissy in her very own Roll n' Rider accessory. Part of the Assortment I. (X3)

Laura & the Flip A Ling Play N Swing (Playset)

Lindsey and her (Fun) Ring Silly Swing - #7748 - Lindsy has so much fun swinging on her Fun Ring Silly Swing that she really gets silly with delight! Swing along with Lindsey and her Fun Ring Silly Swing and swing into silly fun! Part of the Assortment II (X2).

Lisa and her Down Around Slide - # - Part of the Assortment II (X2).

Megan and her Teeter Rockin' Totter - # - You can always hear Megan singing out loud as she rides her Teeter Rockin' Totter to all her favorite songs! Sing along with Megan and her friends as they rock back and forth on the Teeter Rockin' Totter. Part of the Assortment I (X2)

Melissa & the Picnic FunCycle (Playset)

Ricky and his Like-A-Bike Trike - # - Part of the Assortment I (X1)

Tanya and her Teeter Rockin' Totter - # - Part of the Assortment III (X2)

Traci and her Whirlabout (Whirl-About) - #7740 - Whirling 'round on her Whirlabout makes Traci giggle with delight - overy and over again! Go for a pin in the wind with Traci and her Whilrabout. Part of the Assortment I (X2)

PlayGround Kids Fun Day Preschoolers - 1991/1992 - #7724 - These adorable preschoolers are ready for playtime and are just as loveable as their big sisters. Each comes with its own unique toddler toy to play on that is interchangeable with other preschooler toys. Collect All of the Fun Day Pre-Schoolers! Each doll includes posing stand and brush. Assortment contains three each of four:

Abby and her Bouncy Barky Spring Seat - #

Beth and her Tippy Toppy Toadstool - #

Gina and her Turtle Time Ride-A-Long - #7728

Tricia and her Pretty Kitty Stroller - #7726 -

PlayGround Kids Play-A-Lot Friends - 1991/1992 - #7757 - This new generation of happy Playground Kids comes to life dressed in clothes from their favority career or pastime. Each doll comes with one large play toy as well as unique accessoriies that enhance her theme. Assortment includes three each of four dolls:

Ballet Beauty Traci - # - Includes TuTu, tri fold mirror/stretch bar, boom box, & flower

Birthday Gril Megan - # - Includes skirt?, cake?, table, chair, & party antennae.

Rock Star Becky - # - Includes tambourine, guitar, jacket & keyboard

Roll 'n' Skater Krissy - # - Includes Helmet, jacket, skates, & scooter

PlayGround Kids Picnic Funcycle with Melissa - 1991/1992 - #7760 - Join Melissa and her friends as they head to the park for a picnic on the Picnic Funcycle. Melissa comes with bike and a wagon that can be unhooked from the bike and transformed into a handy picnic table. Set also includes an umbrella for the table and a coller with fun picnic food. Melissa's feet pedal as the cycle is pushed.

PlayGround Kids Giggle Go-Round Playset with Amy - 1991 - #7731 - The Giggle Go-Round's pump 'n' spin action let's Amy and her friends go 'round and 'round. Features two swing seats, two swing bars, Amy, posing stand and styling comb.

PlayGround Kids Flip-A-Ling Play 'N' Swing Playset with Laura - 1991 - #7732 - Laura and her friends love climbing and bouncing, swinging and sliding and having tons of fun on the Flip-a-Ling Play 'n' Swing Playset. Twirling action flips the seats 'round and 'round. Includes Laura, posing stand and styling comb.

PlayGround Kids On-The-Mark Fun Park Playset with Molly - 1991 - #7733 - This playset has lots of fun activites for every Playground Kid. Molly and her friends can glide on the two seat glider, climb ladders to the lookout tower, twirl around on friendship seats and take thrilling rail rides all day long. Includes Molly, posing stand and styling comb.

PlayGround Kids Boggie 'n' Bop Pizza Shop - 1992 - #7758 - Now you can provide your Playground Kids with the ultimate fun-filled environment! This dynamic set incorporates sound and action in a fun pizza shop with a ferris wheel, merry go-round, and musical juke box. Jam your Playground Kids favorite tunes simply by pressing the sound button. And as your press the light button, your shop comes to life with strobe lights around the juke box! Three pizzas and pop are included so you can party in style while serving the whole gang through the pizza shop window. Requires two "AA" batteries which are not included.

Any others not listed?

Playground Kids Pretend Dress-Up - 1991 & 1992 - #7761 - The Playground Kids can now play dress-up with these great looking outfits featurning six popluar themes! Easy to put on and take off dolls. (Dolls sold separately.) Story booklet included. Accessory pieces included with each outfit. Assortment consists of four each of six:

Beauty Cutie Prom Queen - #7771

Best in the West Cowgirl - #7775

Pet Vet Doctor - #7773

Pretty Pose Model - #7774?

Royally Lovely Princess - #7772

Wedding Beauty Bride - #7770

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