Meet Berryann!

BerryAnn - Loose


A Story To Share

Mmmm, Berryann loves the smell of berry pie baking in the oven!

And she loves to make cookies, too.


What was that?

Berryann looked outside. A baby bird had fallen out of its nest! She gently picked him up and placed her new little friend back where he belonged.

As Beryann checked on her goodies, the room was suddenly filled with a wonderful song! The little bird's family had come to say "thank-you."

"You're welcome," said Berryann with a smile. "I'm glad I could help!"


All About Berryann

This thoughtful bear loves to bake treats. She's very kind and will always go out of her way to help a friend!

Berryann's Favorites:

Color: Blue

Food: Berry pie

Word: Delicious!

Hobby: Baking


BerryAnne™ Product#: 71768 Blue bear with blue? eyes and open mouth wearing blue dress and headband. Included hangbook. Older bear of the line. (1998)


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