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A Story To Share


Berrybeth hummed as she worked in her garden. This was one of her favolite things!

Suddenly it started to rain. Oh, dear! She knew the rain would help the flowers grow, but it would ruin her plans for a garden party! "Hmm", she said, "I guess I'd better think of another plan."

"This is a wonderful party, Berrybeth!" her friends said. And it feels just like we're in a garden!"

Berrybeth smiled happily, "It's not quite the way I planned," she admitted,. "But I think it turned out even better!"


All About Berrybeth

This nature-loving bear is happiest in a garden, or anywhere there are pretty flowers! She enjoys showing her good manners.

Berrybeth's Favorites:

Color: Lavender

Food: Berry shortcake

Word: Please and thank-you

Hobby: Gardening


BerryBeth is a big sister to Baby Anna.


How Friendship Grows

A Story of Working Together with Berrybeth and Hannahberry

Guess what happens when two garden-loving friends get together? Why, their friendship grows as they make the most of an unexpected situation.

Berrybeth loves to get things organized, so she leade the way in this adventure. Her friend Hannahberry brings great imagination and an enormous love of a certain orange vegetable. Togheter, they solve a problem and have plenty of fun!

Berrybeth and Hannahberry decided to plan a garden. They needed some seeds, some gloves to pull weeds, a shovel, a rake and a hoe.

"Now, Hannahberry," said Berrybeth,"What do you think we should grow?"

"Well, I'd like to plant daisies, marshmallows, roses and peas, turnips, red cabbage and maybe...a row of popcorn with cheese."

"Oh wait," said Hannahberry, "I forgot about carrots. I like them much more than the rest."

Berrybeth giggles and hugged her when she heard the rabbit's list. "I'm sure," she said to her little friend. "There must be something you've missed."

"Hmm," thought Hannahberry, as she stopped and scratched her head. "Wait, do we really need turnips? Should we plant something else instead?"


Finally, the big day came and there was just no doubt. The party was totally perfect and the guests all gave a shout.

"Hoorah! Hooray! for Berrybeth! For Hannahberry, hooray!" And that was how it came to be known as Carrot Celebration Day!"


BerryBeth™ Product#: 71765 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $16.00 Berrybeth is happiest in a garden, or wherever there are beautiful flowers! Her favorite color is lavender, as you can tell from the soft, pretty romper she's wearing. Berrybeth comes with her own story about a rainy day adventure. She has very good manners, and wants to know if you will please be her friend? White bear with aqua? eyes and closed mouth wearing purple jumper? and headband. First issue bear had hangbook. Second issue bear had a white garden glove and pink flower hangtag & included a storybook, "How Friendship Grows - A Story of Wrking Together with Berrybeth and Hannahberry". Older bear of the line. (1998 & 1999)

BerryBeth with Mini™ (I found mine only in Toys 'R' Us) Product#: 75098 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $??.00 Second issue BerryBeth that comes with a "Bonus! Mini-Collectible" - minature pvc of this BerryBeth. One of three bears that include a Mini-Collectible. Machine washable. White bear with aqua? eyes and closed mouth wearing blue & red dress. Bear had a white garden glove and pink flower hangtag & included a storybook, "How Friendship Grows - A Story of Working Together with Berrybeth and Hannahberry".One of only three issued with purple cord handle. Newest & last bear of the line. (2000/2001)

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