Meet BerryEllen!

BerryEllen - Loose


All About Berryellen

This shy, sweet pup is thoughtful and generous. She's always ready to help out from making biscuits to cheering up a friend.

Berryellen's Favorites:

Color: Rosey Pink

Food: Berry biscuits

Word: Pinwheel

Hobby: Helping a friend


BerryEllen™ Product#: 75025 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $16.00 This shy puppy is totally sweet, from her pink floppy ears to the name on her feet! She's easy to dress in her soft velour outfit with its beautifully-embroidered berry. Her name is embroidered on her foot, and Berryellen comes with a delightful storybook. Pink Floppy-Eared Dog. Includes tray of pink iced bone shaped biscuits hangtag & storybook, "A Picnic With A Special Treat - A Story of Generosity with Sarahberry and Berryellen". Machine washable. (2000)


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