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BerryJane - Loose


A Story To Share

"Tweet-tweet! Wake up, Berryjane!" The little bluebird sat on the windowsill, singing a good morning song."I'm too sleepy," yawned the bear. Suddenly she jumped out of bed, wide awake. "Oh my! Today's my violin recital!"

Berryjane quickly got dressed in her very best outfit. She fluffed her fur and put on her prettiest hair bow.

Berryjane had worked hard practicing her violin, but she still felt a little nervous! "All my firends will be at the recital," she thought. "I want to do my best for them." Before she knew it, Berryjane was listening to everyone clap. She felt very proud of herself!


All About Berryjane

This playful bear loves to get dressed up for tea parties, birthday parties, or any special occasion. She especially loves to make beautiful music!

Berryjane's Favorites:

Color: Yellow

Food: Berry pancakes

Word: Melody

Hobby: Playing Violin


BerryJane™ (Discontinued?) Product#: 74365 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $15.00 Yellow bear with aqua? eyes and closed mouth wearing yellow jumper? and headband. Bear included hangbook. Older bear of the line (1998)


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