Meet BerryKris!

BerryKris 1999 (1st Version) - Mint In Box


Merry Christmas from Berrykris

The snow sparkled in the moonlight as the stars wished each other Merry Christmas. Inside, Berrykris was tucked in her cozy bed, dreaming of happy surprises. Suddenly, she woke up with a start!

Outside was a beautiful sleigh full of toys! There was no one in sight, just a note that said, "Please deliver."

"Hmm," said Berrykris, "I think Santa must need some help, here. Guess it's up to me!"

The sleigh seemed to know exactly where to go, and Berrykris delivered the toys all through the forest.

When she woke up on Christmas morning, she rubbed her eyes and wondered, "Was that a dream or a wonderful adventure?"


All About Berryann

This holiday bear has a great imagination! She loves to have adventures any time of the year.

BerryKris' Favorites:

Color: Red

Food: Candy canes

Word: Delivery

Hobby: Giving Presents


BerryKris™ (I found mine only in KMart) Product#: 75006 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $25.00 Two issues. This bear’s in the business of granting wonderful, Christmas-y wishes! Berrykris looks adorable dressed up as Santa, with her very own sleigh full of toys—and that’s most appropriate, since delivering gifts is this holiday bear’s favorite thing to do! Comes with a story to share, “Berrykris™ and the Christmas Surprise.” From our Briarberry Collection, Berrykris is made to be played with and cherished for many Christmases to come. Santa bear wearing red swing coat and santa cap with white fur trim. Tan bear with green eyes and closed mouth. Bear included hangbook. 1999 Bear had "1999" embroidered on right foot. Second issue, 2000 bear, didn't have any date embroidered. (1999 & 2000)


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