Meet BerryNicole!

BerryNicole 1st Version (Christmas 1999) - Mint In BoxBerryNicole 2nd Version (Soccer Outfit) - Mint In Box


A Story to Share

Berrynicole was up early to practice for the Holiday Ice Festival. She was trying not to be nervous. But what if she fell right in the middle of a jump?

"Wow!" thought Berrynicole when she saw the crowd. "I didn't know everyone would be here to see the competition!" She started to skate, and soon that wonderful feeling of gliding on ice made her forget that anyone was watching.

"Today's winner is Berrynicole!" boomed a voice. "Hooray!" shouted all her friends.

She felt really proud. What a nice way to spend a holiday!


Berrynicole is this bear's name;

soccer is her favoite game!

"Be a good sport" is Berrynicole's rule,

whether playing at soccer or working at school.


All About Berrynicole

This talented bear works hard to be her best. Her favolite thing in the whole world is gliding across ice as if she were floating on air!

Berrynicole's Favorites:

Color: Snow white

Food: Snow cones

Word: Spin!

Hobby: Ice Skating


BerryNicole™ (1999 holiday exclusive of Ames Department Stores?) Product#: 75049 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $(I bought mine from ebay for $12.00) Ice skating bear wearing cream sweater and red skirt with gold trim. Red and green hair bow. Skates with gold straps and red bows. Tan bear with aqua eyes and open mouth. Includes a hangbook. (1999)

BerryNicole™ Product#: 75065 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $14.99 Second edition of BerryNicole. Purple bear dressed in aqua/teal striped & purple soccer outfit. Includes a soccerball hangtag. Open face box with pink cord handle. Newest & last of the bears in this line. (2001)

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