Meet BerrySue!

BerrySue - Loose


All About Berrysue

This bright little lamb would spend all day reading with you. She loves to learn new things!

Berrysue's Favorites:

Color: Mint green

Food: Green salad

Word: Encyclopedia

Hobby: Reading stories


BerrySue™ Product#: 75028 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $16.00 This bright, lovable lamb is part of the Briarberry Collection™, where there’s a whole world of fun things to do. Berrysue loves to learn new things—and would spend all day reading with you. She’s easy to stand, sit and dress—plus she has her name embroidered on her foot. Berrysue is soft and wooly, like a good lamb should be. Her soft green velour dress has a fabric rose (to match her hair bow) and a beautifully-embroidered berry on the skirt. Velcro fasteners make getting her dressed a cinch! A storybook about Berrysue's first day at school is included for reading fun. Includes red schoolbook hangtag & storybook, "First Day of School - A story of Friendship with Maggieberry and Berrysue". Machine washable. (1999/2000)


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