Meet HannahBerry!

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All About Hannahberry

Gardening is something Hannahberry really digs! She's a hardworking bunny wh(sho's a bit shy) and she'll give you a hand in the wink of an eye.


Follow Hannahberry around the bend

and have a party near the garden's end.

And oh! what a party it will be...

with wonderful things to eat and to see.


Hannahberry loves to make things grow!


Hannahberry's Favorites:

Color: Pale Purple

Food: Anything with carrots

Word: Ripe!

Hobby: Growing good things



HannahBerry™ Product#: 75027 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $16.00 This hardworking bunny is part of the Briarberry Collection™, where there’s a whole world of fun things to do. Gardening is something Hannahberry really digs! She’s a little bit shy-but she’ll give you a hand in the wink of an eye. Hannahberry is easy to stand, sit and dress-plus she has her name embroidered on her foot. Hannahberry wears a soft velour outfit in lovely lavender, with cloth roses and an embroidered berry. She comes with a charming storybook about her adventures planting a garden. Includes bunch of carrots hangtag & includes a storybook, "How Friendship Grows - A Story of Wrking Together with Berrybeth and Hannahberry". Machine washable. (1999/2000)

HannahBerry™ Product#: 75078 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $16.00 Second edition of Hannahberry. Dressed in green fancy/party dress & hat. Includes green watering can hangtag. Open face box with pink cord handle. Newest & last of the friends/bears in this line. (2001)


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