Meet MollyBerry!

MollyBerry - Loose


A Story To Share

Mollyberry felt like there were butterflies dancing in her tummy.

"Tomorrow's the dance recital," she said. "I want everything to be just right."

"Yoo-hoo!" called Berryann. "Could I watch you practice?"

"Oh, I'd love it!" said Mollyberry. "I was just starting to feel a little nervous.

"I felt the same way before my recital," said her friend. "You'll fine!"

Mollyberry forgot all about being nervous once she was on stage. In fact, she didn't want the performance to end.

Everyone else enjoyed it too!


All About Mollyberry

This active bear spends most of her spare time on her toes. She also loves to make beautiful costumes!

Mollyberry's Favorites:

Color: Green

Food: Berry muffins

Word: Tip-toe

Hobby: Loves to dance


MollyBerry™ Product#: 74364 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $16.00 If you like to dance, you'll understand how Mollyberry feels whenever she hears music. She comes ready to play with you in her soft, green velour dress (with two playful plaid bows for her ears!) This active bear spends most of her spare time dancing on her toes and loves to make beautiful costumes! You can learn more about Mollyberry and her dancing in her story booklet. Tan bear with green eyes and closed mouth wearing green dress and 2 green plaid bows. Original came with hangbook & newer version came with a pair of pink ballet slippers hangtag & storybook, "It Takes Two to Fly A Kite - A story of Helping with Mollyberry and Berrykate". Older bear of the line (1998 & 1999)


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