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All About Sarahberry

This fun-loving bear enjoys picking pretty flowers, playing in puddles, and sharing. She loves to lead the way on adventures!

Sarahberry's Favorites:

Color: Party pink

Food: Birthday cake

Word: Splash!

Hobby: Leading a game


SarahBerry™ Product#: 74366 Ages: 3 yrs. & up Approximate Retail Price: $16.00 This fun-loving bear really likes pink, don't you think? Here's something else you need to know: her favorite food is birthday cake, so be sure to invite her to your next party! She loves to go for walks, use her imagination, and share with friends. Learn more about Sarahberry in her story! Pink bear with blue eyes and open mouth wearing pink jumper and headband. First issue bear came with hangbook. Second issue bear included a bouquet of flowers hangtag & storybook, "A Picnic With A Special Treat - A Story of Generosity with Sarahberry and Berryellen". Older bear of the line. (1998 & 1999)


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