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Ertl Dolls & Imitations

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All are loose & single (without *any* accessories or other dolls) unless otherwise stated.


Playground Kids, Coca-Cola Kids, Farm Country Kids & Imitations:

Toy Description/Condition Price Status
Beth (Tippy Toppy Toadstool) **None at the Moment**    
Carrie (On-the-Go Cart) Doll #1 - Doll, cart & shirt all in very good condition $6.50  
Emily (Slider Glider) Doll #1 - Good condition with overall pilling, *very* slight paint rubs to shoes & faded tag with "R" written on it. Beautiful hair. Name on shoe. $2.50  
Jennifer (ZigZaggin' Wagon) Doll #2 - Doll & Dress Only. Excellent condition - almost mint.

Set #1 - Doll & Wagon only. Both in very good condition. Doll slightly faded looking.





Jill (FunSee FunSaw) Doll #1 - Doll in good condition with overall pilling, paint rubs on shoes, faded & frayed tag. Very full hair with some waves, though!

Doll #2 - Doll has something stuck in her hair that I will try to remove. Will price her after the outcome.





Katie (SwingSeat FunSeat) Set #1 - In box, but in played with condition. Missing comb & stand. Includes doll, toy, shirt, headband & packaging.

Doll #1 - Good condition with *very* slight leg pilling, slightly faded back & *very* few paint rubs on shoes. Hair is clean & conditioned, but WILD. No name on shoe. Tag very faded.



Kelli (Whirl N Twirl) Doll #1 - Good condition with very slight overall pilling, slightly faded back & a few paint rubs to shoes. Beautiful hair. Tag has "R" written on it. Name on shoe. $2.50  
Krissy (Rollin 'N' Rider) Set #1 - MIB minus comb & stand. $10.50  
Laura (Flip-a-Ling) Doll #1 - Good condition with factory? faded legs, few paint rubs on shoes and 2 light & small black marks on each cheek. I will try to remove the spots - they don't look permanent. Slightly faded tag. No name on shoe $2.00  
Lisa (Down Around Slide) Doll #1 - Very good condition with pilling to shirt & almost no paint rubs to shoes. Beautiful hair & name on shoe. Slightly faded & frayed tag. $2.50  
Lindsey (Fun Ring Silly Swing) Doll #1 - Good condition with pilling to legs & some paint rubs to shoes. Tag has "R" written on it. $2.50  
Megan (Teeter Rockin' Totter) Doll #1 - loose & in good played with condition.

Doll #2 - Almost excellent condition with *very* few/light paint rubs to shoes & faded tag. No name on shoe.





Melissa (Picnic Funcycle) Playset **None at the moment**    
Traci (Whirl A Bout) Doll #1 - Loose & in near mint condition. Only includes doll & headband. $3.50 SOLD
Beauty Cutie Prom Queen **None at the moment**    
Best In The West Cowgirl Set #1 - Includes vest & skirt only. $2.00 HOLD
Pretty Pose Model Set #1 - Coat only $2.00 HOLD
Pet Vet Doctor Outfit Includes - Jacket/Coat & doctor/vet bag only. $3.00 HOLD
Royally Pretty Princess Outfit **None at the Moment**    
Wedding Beauty Bride Set #1 - Includes dress & veil only $2.00  
Farm Country Kids **None at the Moment**    
Coca Cola Kids **None at the Moment**    


My Little Angel

Toy Description/Condition Price Status
Angels Luminar - MOC - Includes Angel, headband, outfit/dress, wings, comb, & charm. One wing is very low on liquid. Might be able to refill.

Mistie - MOC - Includes Angel, headband, outfit/dress, wings, comb, & charm. One wing is very bone dry. Might be able to refill.





Cherubs **None at the moment**    
Cherubs with Pets **None at the moment**    

Please email me at if you have any questions or would like to place an order. Include the item name in the Subject line of your email. View my WANTS if you wanna trade.

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